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Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd & Jasmine Tooke in Bikinis Together of the Day


Lais Ribeiro, Romee Strijd and Jasmine Tooke are Victoria’s Secret models who were out hooking together – like the hookers I know they are….even though they make their own money, they’d rather spend the money of dudes they have sex with, it’s more job security than a silly contract with a silly massive corporate monster out to exploit them….

These models like money and money or guys with money – in all their coddled ways…like really monster tall chicks….so stick together, like Charlie’s Angels, because only they understand each other, or maybe it’s a work thing…or maybe they are a little panty and bikini wearing fembot army created in a marketing lab to sell panties…and this is part of their duties…to get in the paprazzi, get seen, to make sure they live up to their contract duties by year end…who fucking knows – or really cares…it happened, it’s bitches in bikinis who get paid to be in bikinis doing bikinis for free…and

The most fascinating thing about this story, of models together in Brazil….is that Lais is a mom, she had a kid as a teen and here she is strutting around like she pawned it off to her mom, so that she doesn’t have to be a mom, like all good teen mom’s do…sure I’d rather her sex tape, her backdoor Farrah, but instead she’s a VS model, so none of that will be happening..

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