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Ariel Winter Learns About Angles in Bikini of the Day


Any dude who has fucked a girl from behind, which should be pretty much any dude, will tell you that the key to making the monster you’re sticking your dick inside more appealing, you must bend her over, get her on all fours, stick that ass in the air…like she just don’t care…and burry her troll head in the goddamn pillow…because an indiscreet or nondescript ass…while in that stance…smooths out the pocks, and dimples and vile shit you know you’re actually fucking…and if you take any pig woman, and I know if you’re fucking them, they are pig women and put her in this pose..not just an 18 year old…it will allow you to cum…imagining her as someone else..

You see, I’m not sold on Ariel Winter, she’s a troll, she freaks me out….but when she’s doing this…she’s good…she should audition for all future roles like this…it’s her look, it’s her angle…it’s the answer…and it’s probably been facetuned so that she doesn’t look like a fucking school bus with no neck…either way….good enough job…

What a little pig…

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