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Keke Palmer is a Subtle Shopper of the Day


I know very little about Keke Palmer, not because I am a racist and black people don’t exist to me, or because I am scared of black people, or think they all look the same…but because I don’t care about anyone or anything, and she’s pretty much marketed to a very different demographic than me…and I can’t keep track of all these bitches I don’t get to fuck…

According to Wikipedia she was Akeelah and the Bee ….a movie I’ve never seen. She’s been in other shit. She has a song…and all it really took for her to get household, at least as far as I’m concerned, is a see through top that showcases her nipple rings like she was Rihanna…and flashes her ass..not that she’s a household name…

The reality is that I fucking love black girls…they are hot…but I’ve never fucked a black girl, despite one claiming she wants to fuck me, but I don’t believe her, it’s probably a set up to steal my bike…well the jokes on her…I don’t even have a bike…

Either way, classy girl, I like the ass scabs, or scars, or pimples…it’s like shes’a crackwhore…my favorite..

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