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Elle Fanning Nipple Slip of the Day

These Hollywood raised girls, like Elle Fanning, who was in her more famous sister’s shadow, as the sister paved the way for her, and by paved the way, I mean was exploited by the parents first, to make the connections needed, in what they’ll pretend wasn’t exploitative but rather a gift, or lottery, an opportunity to allow her true talent shine, so that this one could move in and cash the fuck in…after the other one kind of fell off…interesting….

Elle Fanning probably was forced to grow up fast in this evil industry thanks to their parents selling them off like this was an Arab country…and the family was in need of a goat…because they sound like Divorcees at the age of seven….but on the same token, they never grow up because they always have handlers…Handlers that didn’t tell Elle Fanning to sort out her nipple in her overalls…unless this is her silent and amazing protest…to annoy all the judgemental people in her immediate circle who force her to do all these annoying things like make them all a lot of money…

Either way, Elle Fanning is a fucking robot…and she freaks me the fuck out..but people are very into her and her creepy ways…that her creepy parents created.


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  • Old BBS Geek

    I don’t think she realizes that the paper apron-dress they give her to wear for that cooking class was never meant to become a permanent part of her wardrobe.

  • Mary Donna Olade