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Elle Fanning’s Scary Tits of the Day

Elle Fanning Scary Tits in a Pink Dress

Elle Fanning has the weirdest fucking tit.

She’s scared me before, when I’ve tried to figure out the Fanning sister hustle…because the fanning sisters creep me the fuck out before seeing the tit…they are not normal looking people…and a product of their parents selling them the fuck out, making them celebrated, getting them work and the whole thing confuses me and has confused me for their entire existence…

They look like they were created in the lab, or like they are aliens sent to earth to penetrate American pop culture…and I don’t know what this tit looks like but I know I don’t like it…at all..

Is there a hole in her chest, was surgery involved, does she have a-cup saggers ,is that a pec?

Maybe wear turtle necks girl…not all tits are created equally…and just cuz you’ve won at life and live in a test-tube – doesn’t mean everything about you is good, celebrated, etc.

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Elle Fanning Titties Creeping Me Out of the Day

I find it weird that Elle Fanning is this “it” girl jailbait, hot to a bunch of people, who I guess were Dakota Fanning fans…and figured once she was no longer a kid, they could focus on her sister….

She’s used in a bunch of movies, she’s got the family legacy and it’s easy to get work….

But to me she looks like a fucking robot, AI, fembot, who even when she tries to smile is on some Nicole Kidman, maybe made in the same lab, Westworld shit…

She is fucking weird looking…


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Elle Fanning Weirdness for Glamour of the Day

Elle Fanning close up scary

Elle Fanning creeps me out – and the people at GLAMOUR didn’t really do her any favor…. today, on this INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – celebrating her power as an empowered woman, who threw her sister under the bus after she paved the way for her to be the celebrity making more money than most men that she is…..you know after the parents whored her out….

This photoshoot of the hipster, fashion, on trend, actress…is making her seem even creepier than we already thought she was….at least those of us who find her creepy….

Because I know some of you out there find her hot and jerk off to her….and her stepford wife robotic rich brat ways…

Here’s her creepy selfie photoshoot..

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Elle Fanning Leggings Cameltoe of the Day

Elle Fanning cameltoe in leggings

Elle Fanning is the Fanning that Dakota Fanning’s childhood died for…I mean or that her childhood was murdered by her family for….because it put the Fannings on the map, made connections for them, increased their profile, and guaranteed pay and work for any Fanning that comes along….Dakota sold her fucking soul to the devil so that this one could exist…

People are very into her, at least I think they are – because her name comes up all the time, the paparazzi follow her, she attends events, she is in the media, she gets jobs as an actress, she exists and lives her best life…

I don’t find her all that hot, but when she jacks her pants into her vagina and walks around with her youthful ass, it’s hard to not encourage her to leak some nudes, sex tapes, or other strategies people like Jennifer Lawrence used before her..because I’m left wanting more…I mean sure we see the pussy definition, but that’s hardly seeing the pussy….and that leaves me empty inside…as I like to reduce all women to their genitals, especially actors in movies getting paid a lot of money, as I truly feel they are interchangeable…because they are.


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Elle Fanning’s Workout Erotica of the Day

Elle Fanning tight black leggings working out

I don’t know enough about Elle Fanning to write anything interesting or compelling about her. I don’t even think I’ve seen any movies she’s in. I just like that she’s the sister of some Child Star who was exploited hard and earned serious money all before being 14 years old…fascinating – but also convenient for this one who got to just stroll into a career…like she’s strolling in her workout leggings…booty out…all youthful and fit…

I appreciate Hollywood royalty who exist because of the suffering of relatives as no child star comes out of it unscathed…and I appreciate parents who see opportunity with their shitty kids, cuz kids are annoying mooches, make them earn for you and it makes having them not so bad…you know…if anything they make your dreams happen for you..and all it takes is no caring about their mental health…easy to do or justify…especially when seeing how fucked up the world is and how normal high school stundents are…at least theirs will have cash…and if they’re really lucky and it all works, and they have an Elle Fanning of their own, like the back-up daughter who can ride the second wave of success, you’ve sacrificed one you may not have sacrificed, you know you got them the good life…for the benefit of the rest of the family…

Weird dynamic…but we only care about the fitness pants.


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Elle Fanning in an Open Robe of the Day

Elle Fanning Flirty in an Open Robe

Elle Fanning is a big star, but started out as the sister of a child star, and she may also be a child star, but I don’t think she was, or that her parents were that stupid….

I think the parents cultivated, groomed, trained her to be an adult star, because statistically they knew the one they used to open the doors as the child star was not likely not going to be cute, marketable, and probably have terrible fucking PTSD from being robbed of her childhood…while the cute one who had a chance to continue the family legacy…

It’s all about longevity and here she is with an OPEN robe…

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Elle Fanning Titties in a Sports Bra of the Day

Elle Fanning in a sports bra and leggings

Elle Fanning is the sister of a child star, who may also be a child star, but who I think the parents cultivated to be an adult star, because statistically they knew the one they used to open the doors as the child star was not the cute one who had a chance to continue as an adult star, not to mention child stars get all fucked up and can’t carry on the career even if they try… and that they needed this one as the safety to continue the family legacy or family business…

She’s in a sports bra. It looks good.


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