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Elle and Dakota Fanning Drunk in Miami of the Day

I know what you’re thinking, that the Fanning sisters are only allowed to let loose at the Satanic Ritual parties they have in thee basements of the Hollywood Elite, so this MUST be some sort of fake propaganda because otherwise they’d never be allowed out of their cages, but as it turns out….they are allowed out of their cages sometimes, you know to stand on chairs and dance provocatively doing their best version of “normal 20 something at the club”….similar to how Jake Gyllenhaal behaved the night I got kicked out of bar for asking him if he killed Heath Ledger….what a pussy…..only because he had Disney Lawyers come after me..and we all know how we collectively feel about Disney…

It always amazes me what a center of attention type, who cries about the attention when it is inconvenient, leaves the house, only to stand on her chair and spread her legs like some low level stripper on a sedative lookin to sell lap dances….

Do they think we expect them to be the drunken sloppy girl no one likes to party with, because they are famous? Or are they just the drunken sloppy girl because of all the sadness in their soul for being famous?

I guess that’s something to ask their therapist handlers….in the meantime you can see them letting loose like they’re “normal”….maybe that turns you on….but the sloppy girl at the bar is always the fucking worst….just the one most likely to show you her cunt.

I guess now that Miami is the New LA, because Florida is better, LA is dog shit, we can expect a lot more ragers out of this one…


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Elle Fanning Killer Upskirt of the Day

Sniffing Bike Seats is one of my favorite things to do in the summer…the hotter the day, the riper the bike seat being sniffed….so when you’re sitting outside on a beautiful summer day, find yourself the bike rack and wait for girls to literally roll through….

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a girl on a bike, especially in a skirt, I assume she’s rubbing her pussy up against it, because girls are horny and despite their persona of being little ladies, they are in. fact into grinding their cunts into everything they can, in efforts to bust their lady nut.

So knowing that makes sniffing bike seats a lot more fun…..unless you get caught by some killjoy who is against you sniffing bike seats..for consent, or not being actually “sex positive” despite their IG bio saying “sex positive”….

Some fetishes don’t get treated with the same support as others I guess!

This is Elle Fanning, being festive for Easter with the bunny ears on, doing what I like best about a girl on a bike….SHOWING THE FUCKING panties…it happens all the fucking time….which is why I always stop to watch a girl in a skirt on a bike in action….I’ve seen more panties that way than any other way….which is why biking being a fetish.


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Elle Fanning Bra of the Day

Elle Fanning is out here doing what looks like a boudoir shoot from the county fair that your fat aunt got to wrap herself in a boa and some lingerie to try to make your uncle fuck her like she wasn’t 400 pounds again…

I guess when you put on your 2000 dollar Gucci Bra, you have a responsibility to selfie it, in this era of NO BRA, so if I put one on, it’s a fucking event, not that anyone is really impressed that some celebrity is wearing a designer bra, unlike the sluts of INSTAGRAM with the SUGAR daddies, these bitches get this shit for free.

I do like the Cowboy Hat, taps into my old west brothel fantasy, but I don’t really understand where the NIPPLES are in all this and that disturbs me….sure she’s got small tits, we don’t discriminate against that, but if you’re going to wear some sheer looking bra, fucking deliver man…I guess when you’re famous you don’t have to go all the way, but clearly they have to go some of the way, seeing as a top actress doing a slutty selfie for social media as part of her marketing strategy, is some serious BOTTOM FEEDING, and soon, they’ll literally be feeding their bottoms for the views and follows so that they get cast instead of a tiktok dancer…what a world..


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Dakota and Elle Fanning Incest of the Day

Elle Dakota Fanning

I know we’ve gone over the sister fetish incessantly over the 17 years I’ve been writing this idiotic site, day in and day out….except on weekends…for 17 years….do you know how fucking long that is to be writing shit I don’t give a shit about for no real reason besides what must be a mental health issue…it’s gotta be crazy

But yeah, I’ve gone through the girl on girl being hotter when they are sisters, or the grass is greener when you’re fucking a girl with a sister, and you find the sister far more appealing so you try to have sex with her instead of the one you have only for it to backfire, even if you get to fuck the sister because they’ll always choose each other over you, and that riff you cause is just a speed bump in their sisterly lives, while for you it can be months of headaches because you have double the hate coming your way…all cuz you weren’t happy with one and needed the other….then there’s the whole sister porn, or twin fetish, where’s it’s not incest if they are genetically the same person…that’s just masturbation…you get what I am saying…sisters love playing up that they are sisters cuz they know that excites people…

I guess the professional Fannings, who are famous sisters, are speaking to that like they are at a producer’s house getting down for a casting, where Dakota who is less creepy as an adult actor than she was as a child actor is either birthing a statue for her sister, or being fucked by a statue by her sister, or just humpimg the statue with her sister and the whole thing is pretty fucking weird…but when you’re sold to an industry and raised in a bubble, being weird is what you’d expect…

I don’t get it, but I get why you’d jerk off to it, and that’s all there is to that…

Elle Dakota Fanning


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Elle Fanning Being White of the Day

Elle Fanning White Mayo

Apparently, mayonnaise is known for being White People food and it’s an ongoing racist against white people thing to laugh at white people for their love of mayo….so here’s Elle Fanning being white because she’s out here making her own mayo, like some white trash culinary genius who can’t afford to buy a fucking jar of mayo or who wants to go high brow with her mayo, because she’s just that into mayo, using her farm fresh ingredients..

Now I don’t hate mayo, or white people, or white people into mayo…but I do like more things to put on white people, to add to their lame ass white guilt you see them pretending to have, all because they saw some dude resisting arrest while on meth get killed by a cop….making it all of white people’s fault for being colonialists that exploited the natives and that brought in slaves like they Cuban did, but in a whiter way, even though there were probably some black slave owners since that’s how the industry worked back then, and there are still slaves in prison, retard and mental health facilities and migrant workers or offshore shit in India and Asia…

The point being is, White People, hate yourselves as you envy this homemade celebrity MAYO that you’d love to lick out of her celebrity asshole, to inspire your own making of MAYO in your pants only your mayo is the biproduct of chronic masturbation….and only you like to eat the results….you sick fuck.

Here are some Dakota Fanning Hard Nipples of the Day from a while ago.

Dakota Fanning Braless


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Dakota or Elle Fanning Social Media of the Day


I like to think that Dakota or Elle Fanning are the same person, just cast different, not because they look the same, but because my brain is pretty much raped by too much information that I can’t tell them apart….I just know they are creepy little actors who clearly have parents who also don’t bother telling them apart, but rather spend more time figuring out and navigating the entertainment industry to ensure they get work, get cast, get paid, make the family money and keeps the FANNING name alive…because fanning, is not just something you pay Thai hookers on Thailand vacations to do to you after sex…it’s just the more important kind of Fanning than these or this Fanning…


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