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Elle Fanning Being White of the Day

Elle Fanning White Mayo

Apparently, mayonnaise is known for being White People food and it’s an ongoing racist against white people thing to laugh at white people for their love of mayo….so here’s Elle Fanning being white because she’s out here making her own mayo, like some white trash culinary genius who can’t afford to buy a fucking jar of mayo or who wants to go high brow with her mayo, because she’s just that into mayo, using her farm fresh ingredients..

Now I don’t hate mayo, or white people, or white people into mayo…but I do like more things to put on white people, to add to their lame ass white guilt you see them pretending to have, all because they saw some dude resisting arrest while on meth get killed by a cop….making it all of white people’s fault for being colonialists that exploited the natives and that brought in slaves like they Cuban did, but in a whiter way, even though there were probably some black slave owners since that’s how the industry worked back then, and there are still slaves in prison, retard and mental health facilities and migrant workers or offshore shit in India and Asia…

The point being is, White People, hate yourselves as you envy this homemade celebrity MAYO that you’d love to lick out of her celebrity asshole, to inspire your own making of MAYO in your pants only your mayo is the biproduct of chronic masturbation….and only you like to eat the results….you sick fuck.

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Dakota Fanning Braless


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