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Elle Fanning Bra of the Day

Elle Fanning is out here doing what looks like a boudoir shoot from the county fair that your fat aunt got to wrap herself in a boa and some lingerie to try to make your uncle fuck her like she wasn’t 400 pounds again…

I guess when you put on your 2000 dollar Gucci Bra, you have a responsibility to selfie it, in this era of NO BRA, so if I put one on, it’s a fucking event, not that anyone is really impressed that some celebrity is wearing a designer bra, unlike the sluts of INSTAGRAM with the SUGAR daddies, these bitches get this shit for free.

I do like the Cowboy Hat, taps into my old west brothel fantasy, but I don’t really understand where the NIPPLES are in all this and that disturbs me….sure she’s got small tits, we don’t discriminate against that, but if you’re going to wear some sheer looking bra, fucking deliver man…I guess when you’re famous you don’t have to go all the way, but clearly they have to go some of the way, seeing as a top actress doing a slutty selfie for social media as part of her marketing strategy, is some serious BOTTOM FEEDING, and soon, they’ll literally be feeding their bottoms for the views and follows so that they get cast instead of a tiktok dancer…what a world..


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