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Rachel Cook – Instagram Model Topless Shoot of the Day

Rachel Cook is some low level model – who I don’t think I’ve heard of and who isn’t Rachel Leigh Cook but who I would let cook my dick in her polluted oven until I was good and ready and had all the rich guy in LA herpes that clearly give them magic powers to make more money, fuck more aspiring models and down on their luck bitches, with little to no commitment or responsibility because it’s transactional, the girls are hired hands..

That’s not to say that Rachel Cook is that kind of opportunist, I mean, sure, she is using her actual name to benefit her career on the shoulders of the actual Rachel Cook..but she has the excuse that it’s her name going for her…

It’s to say that all girls who are in pictures, videos, or photos are egos who want to be famous and praised…and they will all do what it takes to make that happen…they think it’s work ethic….I think it’s positioning, laziness, but having a good time as long as you have no soul or you don’t stop to think about it too long…

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