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Rachel Cook – Instagram Model Topless Shoot of the Day

Rachel Cook is some low level model – who I don’t think I’ve heard of and who isn’t Rachel Leigh Cook but who I would let cook my dick in her polluted oven until I was good and ready and had all the rich guy in LA herpes that clearly give them magic powers to make more money, fuck more aspiring models and down on their luck bitches, with little to no commitment or responsibility because it’s transactional, the girls are hired hands..

That’s not to say that Rachel Cook is that kind of opportunist, I mean, sure, she is using her actual name to benefit her career on the shoulders of the actual Rachel Cook..but she has the excuse that it’s her name going for her…

It’s to say that all girls who are in pictures, videos, or photos are egos who want to be famous and praised…and they will all do what it takes to make that happen…they think it’s work ethic….I think it’s positioning, laziness, but having a good time as long as you have no soul or you don’t stop to think about it too long…

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Rachel Cook Model Tits of the Day

Rachel Cook is some low level model – who I don’t think I’ve heard of and who isn’t Rachel Leigh Cook – who I originally thought she was – because I have early onslaught alzheimers and don’t remember that Rachel Leigh Cook was a teen actor 30 fucking years ago…and has since disappeared…leaving the name open for girls like this Rachel Cook to grab and make their own…as they take nude photos for magazines…that are hardly magazines…showing their tits…to get 1 million followers on social media, mainly instagram, a place filled with self promoting cunts self promoting, as nothing on that platform is just casual and fun, but all is about making money, promoting product, and it’s annoying…but 50,000 people like each of her pics…pretty good for someone who barely exists…

Here are her tits in a couple of shoots – cuz she’s working hard to make whatever it is she’s trying to make happen….something I assume is VS MODEL JOBS…

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Rachel Cook Nude by David Bellemere Garbage of the day


I always say that David Bellemere is the best nude photographer to go mainstream in recent years, but like anything that goes mainstream, it turns to absolute dog shit, and sure he’s still getting famous bitches and no names like Rachel Cock the instagram Pussy people can buy….and do buy…because she hangs in the right sugar baby circles…

But the pics are always so fucking repetitive and boring, I don’t know what needs to happy to “pretty shot nude pics that girls want to participate in because he’s got a good brand name thanks to all the jobs he’s locked in like Victoria’s Secret”…but I’m hoping something..and that something is better off not being pics of him taking pics of girls like what’s going on here..that’s just fucking egotistical and lame….

I want things to just be more exciting…random hooker laying nude on a beach…doesn’t he get bored of this shit? Because I do…and I’m not even the one coordinating this shit and showing up on set, maybe he just figures he found his angle to get paid….who knows…or cares..I know it appears that I do…but I don’t….I am just the same milk my tired nonsense of posting this shit as hard as I can also…

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Rachel Cook Lingerie Model of the Day


Here’s Rachel Cook not Rachel Leigh Cook…She’s 21 and has the body of a 21 year old, TIGHT, but something about her face is just young and creeps me out, but then again, I guess 21 is young, when you’re an old fucking pervert like me…

I guess people find her interesting because she’s got a lot of internet followers…thanks to posting butt shots and plugging teeth whitening products..she can now promote actual lingerie brands…

Making the internet work for her – thanks to her hot body…

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