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Rachel Cook and Charly Jordan Boring Photoshoot of the Day

Rachel Cook Charly Jordan Boring Photoshoot

Rachel Cook and Charly Jordan teaching you lessons in how to recruit men to sign up to your patreon or only fans pretending you are curating a magazine, when really you’re just finding ways to get people to pay you monthly, since it’s too competitive to chase after brand deals like it was early instagram and now you have to take that fan club, exclusive content, membership like this was early internet porn, approach to your slutty behavior that you pretend is high end, high concept, empowered sex positive celebrating celebrity behavior…cuz dudes are idiots and will sign up for shit like this if they think it is helping some whore they jerk off to on instagram….

Girls and fast cars…so lame to me…but I guess exciting to the right kind of bro into babes and cars…who you know is out there.


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