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Alexa Chung Vogue Magazine of the Day

Alexa Chung is an uninteresting, not very hot, looks like a man, even though she’s party Asian, at least you would think that considering her name is fucking CHUNG…I mean not many names more CLICHE…unless it’s an act, part of her rebrand when she transitioned to woman and started taking the hormones…WHO KNOWS

I am guessing she was a UK groupie who was a model, turned TV host, turned who gives a fuck cuz I am sure she’s got a cunty attitude and is horrible to be in the same room with or maybe she’s terribly pleasant as it is part of her scam and how she wins people over – I don’t know…

What I do know is that these are the tits she has given the Alexander Skarsgard, who we assume he cheats on….because that face is kinda scary.

I am not a fan, this is not how I like my Asian’s named CHUNG to look. It’s weird, but she’s in Vogue…classy fashionista…

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