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Anna Faris Looking Good in a Bikini of the Day

Anna Faris is 40 years old…and she’s in a bikini for some movie…and looks fucking amazing…I mean 40 year olds aren’t supposed to be this skinny and fit looking…but I guess when your acting career is based on you being cute and funny…you gotta stay cute…because funny won’t carry you when you look like a normal 40 year old…all thick, no waistline, menopausal and into eating cake..and other bad things she picked up during her pregnancy…a pregnancy that’s hard to believe happened for this one…based on this body alone..I guess Chris Pratt keeps his bitch in check, or vice versa…gotta maintain your bitch or be a bitch who maintains for your more famous man…right…it’s the Hollywood cycle of sugar babying…even girls who make their own money are still whores…whores that are luckily in bikinis….


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  • She looks hot, but your description of what you think 40 year old women look like is about 30 years behind, haha. Granted I’ve lived in NY, & California, but your stereotype sounds more like 55+. Thanks for the laugh though

  • ODA061_in80s

    She needs to hit the gym and gain some muscle mass on her legs. She can get that muscle pretty quick without any problem.

  • victorg

    who cares WHAT she looks like….the movie is SOOO not needed. Goldie was GOLD!

  • starry1

    40 is menopausal? You’re a fucking idiot.