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Girl Losing Bathing Suit on Mechanical Bull of the Day

Sometimes, the only thing that really matters is when you get to see a girl losing her bathing suit bottoms on a Mechanical Bull….because it reminds me of the shitty job I once had where I operated a Mechanical Bull at birthday parties, I am not even joking, it was one of the lowest of low points and sometimes the ghetto rental company needed operators to do more than just assemble the bull, but also operate it, and I’d be there rocking grannies, and hot teens, and basically everyone who got on it with the soul intent of making the cum….it was pre-sybian days…but it was magical….even when it was digusting…

I never got a girl naked or half naked on the bull…but I wished that I did…and for that reason alone…this is porn to me…

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  • Offensive Username

    At least she shaved. 🙂