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Katharine McPhee in her Underwear of the Day

American Idol Katharine McPhee who has since turned into some TV star I don’t really care about…because Simon Cowell Makes Dreams come true while he cums on Ryan Seacrest…or the pile of money he’s made by being some psychopath who knows how to manipulate the public into buying into shit music and talent contests as he cashes the fuck in…

I don’t know why American Idol Katharine McPhee who has since turned into some TV star is in her underwear, apparently she’s on set because she’s a real actress….but I know I’ll still take the half a second it takes to look at it.

Because when a girl selfies like this, you encourage her to do more…it’s how you get to the spread asshole nudes…

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Katherine McPhee in Mexico of the Day

Before you ask yourself who the fuck Katherine McPhee is…click on these pictures of her in her bikini in Mexico…pictures she didn’t put on her social media, but that she tipped the paparazzi off on because that’s the classy way to get attention to yourself, you know by not being so obvious about the shit HERE

Now will see what a recently single, soon to be Divorcee, looks like on her pilgrimage to let out all those repressed feelings she has thanks to a six year marriage…all half naked on the beach, getting drunk, like a scene in Sex and the City the Divorcee years…

I’ve seen Divorcee’s in action, and they are fucking terrors, more so when their husbands have new girlfriends, but terrors none the less. The live out there youth they threw away for marriage…via their vagina…especially when they have fit enough bodies and aren’t too old to throw in the fucking towel…

I’ve had sex with Divorcee’s in action, because they have little to no standards, want nothing out of you, no relationship and if kids are in the mix, no fucking way you’ll be let in…which is amazing. But more importantly, they and are usually drunk…very drunk…and just want their void filled

So knowing who Katherine McPhee is…an American Idol contestant…is less important than knowing what she is…a divorcee..


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Katerine McPhee in a Bikini at Coachella of the Day

American Idol winner or contestent or whatever the fuck Katherine McPhee is or was, spent the weekend at Coachella in a bikini as these Coachella trash do….Coachella, a more convenient location to bomb than the Boston Marathon – Saudi Nationals, not because I wish death upon anyone, but because Coachella is the worst….and if you’re gonna try to upset a nation, hit them at their royalty, who are in fact just garbage human beings who live shitty lives with no morals, getting overpaid in their self absorbed life of luxury worlds.

I mean sure it is probably a good time for them, and you can’t hate them for going for it, but you can hate them for everything they represent. I know I do.


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Katherine McPhee Shitty See Through of the Day

These see through pics of Katherine McPhee showing off her bra are pretty fucking tame…this is like the long drawn out and romantic version of the see through…that is hard to get excited about or jerk off to…unless you are a real Katherine McPhee fan which is something I doubt actually exists, but then again, anything you can think about….even the most depraved thing someone somewhere has jerked off to….you know from shit eating midgets with learning disabilities and a stammer……to animals dressed like babies being fisted….it’s been done…nothing is original…so somewhere out there a dick is in hand to these romantic pics…of a bitch just showing off her bra….and that somewhere may be right here…


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Katherine McPhee Tits in Smash of the Day

So KATHERINE MCPHEE…who I wrote about yesterday for being half naked in GQ is in a new show that I guess is designed to take on Glee with some song and dance shit at the college level….where bitch is training to be in musical theater….and it aired last night….

I have better things to do with my time than watch garbage shows that I don’t think should be produced in the first place cuz TV has ruined america by feeding them lies…while life passes before their eyes….instead of living life trying to fuck whores while drunk……they’re watching them on TV all scripted and lying….but it turns out McPhee showed off her little elegant implants…pushed up and amazing…and here are the screen caps….for those of you smart enough to skip this crap and watch something worthwhile…like porn….where there are actual tits to look at…..

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Katherine McPhee Hot Half Naked Photoshoot for GQ of the Day

Skinny Katherine McPhee from American Idol fame, marrying way older dude fame, eating disorder fame, getting her armpit licked fame , Vagina Eating her Pants Fame , See thru shirt fame, Some Bikini Pic Fame, some hot cleavage fame and most importantly panty flashing fame… that’s really all that famous….but apparently she’s an actor now and in some new show….

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Katherine McPhee Armpit Lick of the Day

A dirty, hippie, vegan bitch I originally met in the park cuz she was trying to get me to sign something protesting composting not being available to apartment dwellers…or some shit I responded to cuz she had no bra on….and decided to make into a FB friend….once asked me when drunk if she could sniff my dirty armpit while I lick her dirty armpit while mutually masturbating…making me think Armpits are an actual fetish…and this Katherine McPhee shit is making someone somewhere very happy as her jerks off right now….unfortuantly…I like my armpit fetish porn with more nudity.

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Sara Paxton and Katherine McPhee Shark Night 3D Bikini Pics of the Day

Yes, I posted the french trailer, because it is the only thing that makes this crap a cultural experience…..What garbage….. I mean other than the fact that it was made, and more importantly that someone actually paid serious money to have it made, and I assume this is written by the same people who did that Piranha 3D shit that I had the horrible misfortune of watching because my friend is a pervert who likes seeing Riley Steele Porn Naked Tits and Naked Kelly Brook Huge tits getting eaten alive after a romantic underwater dance…

It’s some straight to DVD Caliber…but here are some promo pics and screenshots cuz I got nothing else going on today…and I like shitty movies with lots of bikini and tit to distract from how shitty it is….I am just offended this smut exists when there are starving children in the world…

No they aren’t paying me for this, but they should….

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Katherine McPhee’s Pussy Swallows Her Pants of the Day

Whenever I overhear divorcees in the coffee shop talking about watching American Idol, I ask them why, they usually don’t answer….because I make them nervous….See I don’t expect more out of these bitches because I know lonely, depressed people who live the 9 to 5 life, find comfort in shitlike American Idol and like to plan their week around the shit….but I hate that American Idol doesn’t ever make fucking Idols like they claim they do….the whole thing is bullshit, that makes assholes richer than God because they found a formula to trick America into thinking they are relevant….

Other than Kelly Clarkson, no American Idol winner has really done shit. Sure there’s that dude horrible phenomenon called Daughtry and then Carrie Underwood and whoever else who was kicked off and managed to spin off the success of the shit into something that’s worth noticing other, but there are more Katherine McPhee losers, who other than jacking her pants in her pussy so someone takes a pictures of her….aren’t up to much….

It’s like all she’s good for is eating disorders and cameltoe, something that I am very fond of, because seeing pussy definition excites me, especially on pussy I probably will never see out of pants, but that shit really doesn’t take any talent to pull off, it just takes tight enough pants, so it’s not really worth celebrating, it’s just worth enjoying….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Katherine McPhee Trying on Clothes of the Day

I guess Katherine McPhee is at the bra store, trying on bras and I wasn’t really sure why I bothered posting this shit, because I don’t think Katherine McPhee matters, sure she had an eating disorder and that’s alway a good mentor to the kids, but assume it had more to do with it reminding me of the month I spent at the bra store in the local mall every fucking day, before being asked to stay the fuck away, because shit is pornographic, you know chicks of all ages checking each other out, grabbing at themselves, testing how much cleavage a bra gives and the whole thing was an amazing free show. It’s like the second they walked into the shit, they didn’t give a fuck about being respectable ladies, and instead were full-fledged whores. It was some safe haven they could be their true selves, which apparently wasn’t open to having visitors like me…here are the pics…

Pics via Fame

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Katherine McPhee and Her Bra of the Day

I think the whole idea of getting excited about a girl in a see thru shirt is pretty childish, or virginal, especially when the bitch has a fucking bra on. Seriously, I don’t even think I got hard for this shit when I was 14 and over the years I’ve determined I’m not a fucking homo, but we live in a generation where the bra is pretty much the equvalent to a fucking shirt, so I’ve got nothing to say about these pictures of this American Idol contestant, other than that she looks like serious fucking shit, and for the virgin losers who accidentally land on this site, here she is in a see thru shirt for you to jerk off to, cuz bra’s are like fucking porn to you or some shit…

Pics via Fame

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Alyson Hannigan Grabbin Tit in Video of the Day

Here is some bullshit Funny or Die video, even though I hate Funny or Die, but it’s a lot easier to post than pictures cuz I am lazy.

The video is about a group of almost celebs talking about breast cancer and giving themselves self checks, and the whole thing is fucking boring, even when Alyson Hannigan feels up one of the bitches. You could just press play to find all this boring out for yourself, instead of making me do this recap cuz I am lazy….

The joke is weak as fuck, but I like celebrating tits and saving girls everywhere from having to chop them off, because I am a fucking hero when it comes to tits, so I figure I’ll post it for you to masturbate to.

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Katherine McPhee is in a Bikini of the Day

I remember when Katherine McPhee was coming up on American Idol. She had big tits, was decent to look at compare to Clay Aiken or whoever the fuck was on her season, I’d have to ask Ryan Seacrest but dude’s been ignoring my online sexual harrassment, so I’ll just go with Aiken and I didn’t mind thinking about doing dirty things to her.

I remember when Katherine McPhee had some eating disorder because she was a fat bitch with control issues or insecurity or whatever that magical formula that fucks girls up and causes them to stop eating and get skinny the way I like them.

I remember when she got married to some older dude because she had daddy issues and I figured I could relate, at least with the older dude, because I am all about bringing young busty girls under my wing to take advantage of.

Now despite my prediction that she’d fall off the fuckin’ map you know since she’s some reality star and shit, but apparently all my theories are wrong and she’s filming some movie in a bikini.

That was my relationship with Katherine McPhee recap. Stay tuned for more useless information that isn’t funny.

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Katherine Mcphee Got Some Crazy Tits of the Day

Katherine Mcphee may not have much of a career since losing American Idol…or did she win American Idol? Truth is if you’re on American Idol, even if you win, you still lose to the rest of the world, because reality TV sucks and is the single most obnoxious way to get famous and is the real downfall of this generation, I remember a time when the only commoners who could get on TV were on the local news as a street comment, or on the National News if you did something really bad, or the audience of talk shows or contestants on Game Shows and no one remembered you the second the show was over, but now, everyone is fuckin’ famous, everyone is on YouTube, everyone is just like the stars and people recognize them and pay them to do stupid things, when they should have been at home doing the fuckin’ dishes watching sitcoms and getting ready for bed because they have an early day at the factory tomorrow or some shit….

But Katherine Mcphee does have some pretty amazing tits.

Note: I don’t know if that reads the way I want it to, so if you’re confused, it’s ok, my pee is brown and need water.

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I am – Katherine McPhee’s Underwear of the Day

Katherine McPhee

All the trains were broken today (like your penis) and the buses were crowded as fuck. I shoved a nun to make room, reason #956 why I am going to Hell, but hell is probably full of some real fun assholes so I don’t care. What was really not fun was my night. I wore the world’s best short, boob dress with some pink bra exposed (tribute to Britney) which matched my hooker hot-pink heels. I showed up at my friend’s party and it was all skinny 22 year-old accountants with acne. I got wasted because there was nothing else left to do.

I tried to salvage the night by going to some bar this bartender i met in Chicago last November said he would be working at in January when he moved to the city, and told me i should pay him a visit. This bartender was fucking ripped and I wish I had remembered sooner because now it’s July, and surprise, he doesn’t work there anymore. To make things worse, everyone in the place fell out of Anne Taylor and J Crew catalogues and were all paired off like good little spoonfed WASPs. So I just sat there in my party slut gear, nursing a gin and tonic. The only guys that weren’t saddled with brides-in-waiting were really into the game, and I know nothing about sports, and sauntering up to them in my whore getup was just too much of a hooker flashback for me. Plus they were wearing chinos and loafers and I hate assholes in loafers. I finished my drink and went home, and got cat-called at by around 6 mexicans so I know I definitely looked like a hooker. I should have just gone to some bar in the East Village where I would have fit in better and gotten laid.

Here is Katharine McPhee flashing you her underwear on the set of some movie that is probably gonna be as good as that American Idol movie “From Justin to Kelly.” She is annoying and WASPy like all those cunts last night.

Obediently yours,
Sugar Nell (ex-hooker, friend of Jesus)

I am – The Katherine McPhee Weight Loss Plan of the Day

I am – Katherine McPhee’s Tits of the Day

I am – Katherine McPhee’s Cleavage of the Day

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