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Mariah Carey in a Wet Suit Erotica of the Day

Mariah Carey must be a squirter in her old age, retirement, divorce, cuz she’s in a wet suit and there’s no logical explanation for this…I mean this is Mariah Carey, horribly high maintenance, who wears her heels in the shower and demands a diamond encrusted mic, because it suits her branding of being a tacky barbie doll cunt who can sing and does sing thanks to marrying the head of Sony who saw and made dollar signs with her…

Not that I care about Mariah Carey, it’s just when I see anyone in ill-fitting watersport gear, busting out well into her 50s, I get semi confused, at least enough to ask what the fuck is going on, even if Mariah Carey is insignificant in my life…and someone that only crosses my mind during Chrismas songs – and that’s only because they rape my brain…like you want to rape her in her wetsuit…sicko..


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Mariah Carey Takes the Subway of the Day

This reminds me of the Joan Obsourne song “What if God was One Of Us….just a medicated OG gold digging hooker who used her tits and singing talent to make a lot of money after marrying or dating the top dude at her record label…before losing her fucking mind, being institutionalized, ridiculed, then knocked up with by some dude named Nick Cannon, who used to jerk off to her music videos when he was 17 and who now jerks off on her face, or inside her, making babies…on the bus…trying to make her way home – as a publicity stunt…where only instead of a bus it’s a subway and instead of God…it’s Mariah Carey..who you know thinks she’s god so it is about the same thing…

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Maria Carey in Lingerie for Terry of the Day

People are excited about these Mariah Carey for Terry Richardson lingerie pics…but I’m not. I think she’s too old to be dressed like this, and not because she has kids, but because she’s old. I remember her being a babe int he 90s, this 20 years later, I just can’t commit to new Mariah, when I can google Old Mariah if I even really wanted any Mariah…

I also find Terry Richardson shots lazy…

Sure he has had great success, and has developed his own style, and has even taken some interesting pics, and I know he’s not the creep you’ve all grown to hate, because he came on some trick who was using him, even though there’s no evidence of it….face…it’s just so easy to blame when your whole fucking career you thought was going to happen didn’t happen…and last time I checked cumming on a willing girl’s face wasn’t rape…

But these pics, are just whatever…white wall, dumb bitch in lingerie, boring…like a cash grab for all involved and that’s disappointing…

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Mariah Carey in Lingerie for Terry Richardson of the Day

These Mariah Carey lingerie pics by Terry Richardson for some random magazine circulated the internet hard yesterday, people were laughing at how photoshopped she was, while others were loving her huge tits and thickness, while I was busy trying to fuck a senior citizen I met at Costco for my early retirement which is surprisingly exactly what Nick Cannon was doing when he knocked this BOTOX filled piled of Glamour up…

I kind of appreciate that she doesn’t believe in aging gracefully, but rather pretending she’s still 20, but I prefer when she lost her fucking mind and was throwing feces at everyone around her…because that’s what bipolar diva bitches do…

Either way, I’m into this….even if it’s less Mariah and more digitizing….

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Mariah Carey’s Solid Dress of the Day

Mariah Carey may be old but she still brings it to the fucking stage and by bringing it I mean her ridiculous tits that her tween gold digging husband probably encourages her to bring to the stage so that his friends go “holy shit, your mom has huge tits, you lucky bastard”…and not “dude you married Mariah Carey, that bitch was hot in 99″….because as we all know if you focus on the one asset you know you have…like massive tits or a round ass..it makes the rest of you negligible…

I still like her better when she had lost her mind, was on sucide watch, before babies and family and Nick Cannon moved in on her to trap her into what she assumes is love…but I mean..she’s still got it going on…at least in terms of huge fucking tits…which counts for everything…I mean I don’t even think it matters if she sang…or if she can sing…she’s good.


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Mariah Carey Winter Bikini Dog Walking of the Day

At least one person is excited or shocked that Mariah Carey posted this picture of her in a bikini in the snow walking her dog, because it’s so scandalous, obscure, outrageous, attention seeking, inappropriate especially terms of celebrating the birth of Christ…to some even weird…and awkward…

While I just think it’s shocking cuz of what her old, fat, mom body looks like…it’s like stick to singing and push up bras in low cut dresses girl…just because you’re man is still horny for you cuz he used to jerk off to you in high school…and motherfucker fucks you everyday – doesn’t mean the rest of us want in on this shit…keep your intimate moments at the ski lodge to your fucking self….

That said, I am from Canada, and I understand the concept of winter hot tubbing, it happens all the time, it’s probably even happening somewhere snowed in now…it’s no big deal…but when Mariah Carey does it…it’s definitely…big…

I rarely say this, but girl put your snow suit on, you’re gonna catch cold…no seriously…put your snow suit on..it’s gross.


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Mariah Carey’s Bra Pic Selfie of the DAy

I like to think this is the best use for Mariah Carey in the last decade….a little bra selfie like she was a teen girl trying to fit in amongst he friends..by recruiting more followers on her instagram…because she takes the hottest pics…

I mean without her face or mom belly….and a solid focus on her bustiness…it’s like it isn’t Mariah Carey at all, making this whole experience all the more tolerable…you know it keeps things untainted by pre existing anger, hatred and emotions….

I kinda like her better when she lost her mind, but any girl seeking some male attention via homemade erotica…is good enough for me…

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Mariah Carey Wishes You All a Happy Fourth of July of the Day

Nothing says “I love America” like Mariah Carey in an American Bikini….

I guess the only way to express how I actual feel about this..mom in her 40s staying relevant thanks to her team of publicists posting shit like this…that I assume is photoshopped…is this video of a guy getting choked the fuck out by another guy for flirting with his wife, cleary white trash, where I’m the guy getting choked out…

Thank’s Mariah…

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Mariah Carey’s Being Patriotic of Macy’s

I would like someone to photoshop a dick in where the MIC is….because her facial expression is one I like pretending she’s making before taking a load on her face from some record exec who was in his 60s and owned Sony music who she married back when talent wasn’t enough to get famous.

I’m not interested in any of that Nick Cannon shit, so make the dick white and Jewish, like she pretended to like when she was coming up…

And while you do that, I’ll watch this video of her Popped Dress Almost Gives Me Boners…of the Day

To see more of her being patriotic for Macy’s CLICK HERE

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