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Emilia Clarke Pretty Alright for Marie Claire of the Day

Emilia Clarke is up on some Game of Thrones shit, and I am just posting it to jump on the bandwagon, you know to be relevant and inline with what is going on in pop culture, I follow trends 10 months too late, because this is a pop culture site and that’s what I do, and ignoring the babe from the most popular show I don’t watch and will never watch because I am too cool to follow the masses, but more importantly, I have had too much sex to respect anything with dragons in it, that nerd shit makes me feel uncomfortable…but ignoring it would be like ignoring myself…and even though that’s what most people do, especially girls I try to have sex with…consistently, and compulsively….I won’t let that happen her or not, not today, not ever when I can just put up these pics of Emilia Clarke looking’ hip in some snap shots for a magazine…and move on like they didn’t happen…which is what I am going to do. Just watch.

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Emilia Clarke for FLARE of the Day

Emilia Clarke is some Game of Thrones star who I guess has a huge virgin loser fan base, even though Game of Thrones is mainstream, despite clearly being some virgin loser shit, with dragons and wizards and midgets…you know designed for people who don’t have sex and will never have sex thanks to their aspergers…and she’s the babe of the show…meaning huge fan base and more importantly, lots of sperm has been spilled for her…it’s jus the way nerd shit goes…and it is creepy…

Here she is in some Canadian Magazine..

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Emilia Clarke Naked in Game of Thrones of the Day

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. I don’t do the whole fantasy, wizards and dragons shit. It’s just too hard for me to take seriously, if anything I feel like an asshole trying to get into the storyline….no matter how many tits they throw my way…because ultimately, it’s just stupidities and nonsense and no real…I mean I can’t even pretend it’s real….so I save it for 99 percent of the population who seem to watch it, even though if this was 10 years ago, only a few dozen people would watch it, and I’m sure they’d reek of stale semen and computer chips…you know at your college Sci/Fi fantasy club….where they spend their days making weapons to fight each other in what is funny, cuz two or more socially awkward freaks interacting is jokes….

Her name is Emilia Clarke, she’s a big deal on the show, people are probably still masturbating to this scene from last night, cuz that’s how loyal nerds areo….and you probably should too…cuz sometimes mainstream TV nudity is better than throat fucking….

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Emilia Clarke for GQ of the Day

Emilia Clarke is on Game of Thrones…a show all you wizard loving, fantasy watching, virgin motherfuckers….because ever since I found out fantasy existed, in shitty books, shitty video games, and then in shitty clubs at the college level who played Magic Cards and hand sword battles in the woods like 7 year olds at 30, it made me uncomfortable…but staring at a chick, who isn’t really sexy, trying to be sexy, whether she’s on fantasy shows, or dating Seth Macfarlane and his billion dollar empire that is probably annoying to be around, cuz you know he never stops with his idiotic voices, doesn’t make me uncomfortable…if anything, I like it.

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED I’ve Posted Her Tits Before

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Emilia Clarke Tits on TV of the Day

I don’t know who Emilia Clarke is. I don’t know this Games of Thrones show she’s getting fucked on. I just know that shit happened on TV and that makes it good enough for me, cuz I remember a time Soap Operas were the only sex on TV and jerking off to that shit was very fucking difficult, while this represents an evolution I can appreciate…even if the idea of what is going to happen to sexuality when kids grown up and are already desensitized to tits, pussy, doggy style leaving them hungry for more hardcore shit while charged up on shoot ‘em up videogames scares me…but on the positive side of things, it’s gonna make for some good stepNEWS clips….When I was 16 I got hard ons holding hands with a bitch. I feel like that’s not happening much anymore, unless that hand they are holding is wristwatch deeep in an asshole…

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