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Sahara Ray’s Titty Dance for Instagram of the Day

Sahara Ray pulls off the free spirited, Bali living, beach life model…who shows her tits every chance she gets, like a bootleg Em Rat Cow, who is probably frenemies with her and who they probably have titty competitions with each other, that Sahara Ray always loses because she’s a wreck and Rat Cow is more strategic in her whoring her tits out….

TITTY INSTAGRAM WARS should be the name of my mix tape.

Either way, she’s putting her nipples out there, and they are nipples…so look at them.


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Sahara Ray Hipster Tits on the Beach of the Day

Sahara Ray is a fake hipster, LA model, who looks like Coachella brands themeselves and has for her entire time as an instagram personality, you know mainstream urban outfitters bullshit….but she always had big tits…that I’ve seen before…thanks to feminism, or shameless self promotion….

What I do find weird about her bikini pics is how high she jacks her bottoms up, it’s like girl’s created an optical illusion waistline or maybe she just likes hugging her pussy as hard as she can…either way…exciting…but not at all…but it’s good to see her keeping up the good work…hard work…by not working.

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Sahara Ray Nipples of the Day

I don’t know why, but I hate promoting Sahara Ray…

She’s this big titty, surf daughter, beach lifestyle, California girl with her bohemian party girl life that she I guess makes money living….she started out as a hipster chick with big tits willing to get topless and ended up owning some kind of bikini line and the whole thing would be lovely…if I just didn’t find her the worst…

She’s on some socialite, social climbing, crackhead party girl kick and it just annoys me…so I’ve been sitting on these bikini pics…where she’s in a see through because I just wanted to avoid posting her- but alas – the big tits won.

Sahara Ray….as if that’s her real name….but rather her marketable stripper name so at least she knows her place in the world…

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Sahara Ray Nipple Pasties of the Day


Sahara Ray was on the route of being an Em Rat Cow. An early to instagram, busty girl, willing to get naked on camera, who shot with all the creeper nude photographers who are still around, and who still shoot naked girls….

She got a following, because we all love girls who show their tits, she started a bathing suit line, because when you show your tits and half naked body, you should only wear your own products to maximize / monetize the photos….but she never did the blurred lines video, so she didn’t hit Rat Cow big tits willing to showcase her tits level…but she still has big tits…and sometimes that’s all that matters…in fact…usually that is all that matters…at least when it comes to these vapid attention seekers….


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Sahara Ray Massive Tits of the Day


Sahara Ray is racy…

She’s an instagram LA hipster party model with big monster fake tits – who originally got known for showing her big monster fake tits – that weren’t as big as they are now – YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF HERE … on her really small bikini wearing frame – in the early years of instagram – which got her millions and millions and millions of fans and followers who were obviously following her for her fashion sense, her bikini choices, and not to jerk off to her big tits….

So she’s spent the last two or three years shooting with the good, respected, pervert photographers…traveling the world…attending all the cool events like she was Em Rat Cow, while probably being friends with Em Rat Cow, because both were running in the same getting naked for attention circles – and it’s not that big of a scene…you know funded by the same sugar daddies like Ryan Seacrest and other perverts – only Sahara Ray is less offensive in her success, because she doesn’t look like a weird faced bird with a bad attitude…..and she hasn’t booked the acting jobs because she fucked ben affleck….in fact, she hasn’t really done anything substantial, and instead of being a low level Kardashian who fucked Kanye, like Em Rat Cow…trying so hard to be empowered by showing her tits – Sahara Ray just keeps showing her tits…and is less annoying about it….

I appreciate that.

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Censored Sahara Ray Tits You’ve Seen With Censored Justin Bieber Cock You’ve Seen of the Day

Sahara Ray is some hipster with fake tits – crackhead – party girl – drug addict – disaster – instagram model – with fake tits – who has been showing off her tits for at least 4 years now – so it is only natural that she’d end up in Hawaii with a naked Bieber – doing a “photoshoot” or just fucking – because when you’re a cunt like Bieber and you can bang out anything you want to bang out – you might as well go through every single one of them and the funny thing is all of these fame whore girls will let him fuck them, they crave that level of celebrity to validate their existence and knock them up so they don’t have to work, not that they work, but what is life after instagram model…it’s gotta be rich cum in uterus…or else what’s the point of all this self promotion and building your brand and marketing yourself through slutty pics – oh right…ego, narcissism, etc….

Where are the uncensored pics? Looks like a good time…the youth today..all private jets and paradise vacations…naked and fucking everyone….and anyone…good times..thanks porn.

To see the rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Sahara Ray’s Big Instagram Tits of the Day


Sahara Ray’s first big topless shoot was a few years ago for a hipster pervert photographer named Purienne , for Lui, who was an instagram photographer before instagram, you know so he’s more legit than the other instagram models, because he probably uses an actual camera and knows how to take an actual picture, rather than just filtering the fuck out of a fucking picture…

Doesn’t matter…

Sahara Ray has this massive tits, and has gone onto be some crackhead, anorexic, big titty, Emily Ratajkowski, instagram model, who makes serious fucking money, and now she’s in Sugar Baby, LA Based, owned by rich guys who love instagram models, TREATS!

Showing tits, you’ve already seen….but she’s got over 1,000,000 followers…so she is obviously very very very important…

I don’t think she’s that interesting, but naked chicks….are naked chicks…you know…

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Sahara Ray and her Friend of the Day

People get confused about Sahara Ray. They think that she’s relevant, but really she’s just some LA hipster who has pretty much been hooking on her social media aggressively enough to find an instagram audience, and remember there are girls with fat asses you’ve never heard of with just as many followers as her, meaning the whole instagram follower thing isn’t representative of the world, which may be confusing to people who are hooked into instagram….but she does have big tits…tits she shows off…as often as she can…which I guess is everyday on her social media and once or twice for a magazine or two…and as someone who likes tits, I encourage that.

This is a video that was emailed to me, I assume produced by GALORE and it’s hip enough for a hip guy like me to encourage because it only has 50 views and has been online for 8 days….

I think my shit gets more views than that..and my shit doesn’t have two half naked bitches in it….but I guess no one can be a hero like me…a hero throwing views to a drowning magazine that has street cred…

I mean 53 views in 8 days…and this was in their emailing list….and on their site and social media…wtf….pathetic…

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Sahara Ray by Jai Photo of the Day

Her name is Sahara Ray, people like her, possibly because they find her hot, maybe because they find her talented but probably because she gets naked in photoshoots and people love naked in photoshoots, especially when that naked comes with big tits.

I don’t know what these are for, I just know that they are shot by a photographer called JAI PHOTO and that if you look hard enough their is nipple…

She’s an instagram celebrity, with half a million followers, which I guess makes her important enough to get work, since casting directors only care about that now, which is the same reason Tila Tequila got her own show…it’s like if you come up fast and easy from posting selfies…you may not have any level of sustainability due to a serious lack of substance…but then again, maybe your retard fans will buy anything you peddle and it’s enough to make a motherfucker rich…and I guess…that’s a good thing…

Here are the pics..

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Sahara Ray’s Vagina Flash of the Day

Sahara Ray is friends with people I know, so I wonder if she’ll be happy about posting her vagina picture that was emailed to men – because she’s not quite a celebrity – if anything she’s just an up and coming nude model, far superior to Emily Ratajkowski – who’s vagina hasn’t been spread on the internet yet, but that she allowed to be taken in pictures – unless this isn’t even Sahara but is her friend – because what the fuck do I know about Sahara Ray other than that she has big tits and has been in a bunch of hipster photoshoots…

So whether it is her vagina or not – you can click this link to see all her tits and nudes from what I believe could be hacked nudes because she has a name – but that could be leaked and that no matter what they are – they happened and I am in love…


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Sahara Ray and Briana King for Some Shoe Company of the Day

Sahara Ray Sahara Ray is one of those instagram models who works. It’s like every once in a while these girls come out of the woodwork, establish a fan base, and have amazing tits that they aren’t shy to show, carry them into an actual career…and a lot of the times when that happens…I think the girl is overrated and it isn’t justified…like with Emily Rat-Cow…It’s like stick to working retail, or being a bottle service girl, your quest for VOGUE and celebrity isn’t holding casting calls at the Urban Outfitters you work at…but every once in a while…I fall in love and write poems for these girls…poems I want to get made into movies because they are so fantastic…and by poems I mean porns. Autocorrect Fail.

Anyway…Sahara Ray is the gold in a world of low level try hard losers with cameras staging photoshoots…

These are done by someone named JAI PHOTO check ’em out…when you’re done staring at this greatness…

The black model is BRIANA KING , I’ve never heard of her but assume she’s Martin Luther King’s Grand Daughter and Rodney King’s Daughter…because they have the same name…

I am more into Sahara Ray, but not because I’m racist, I love black girls..it’s just I love Sahara Ray more…you know about the desert more than the people living on the desert…that was a little blacks are from Africa and This girls Name is from Africa geographic humor that wasn’t funny for you.

I’m so versatile…

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Sahara Ray Has a Swimwear Collection because Everyone Has One of the Day

I was once told that Sahara Ray had sex with someone I know. I don’t know if that is true or not, but based on the NAKED LUI SHOOT SHE DID …I would be down to watch…and sure that’s not saying all that much because I watch ugly people have sex all the fucking time…I am not hard to please…but it’s saying something because I would rather watch her fucking…

Like every instagram model in LA, she’s launched her own bathing suit line, because the one thing the world needs is more fucking bathing suits…SWIM EVERY DAY MOTHERFUCKER and never wear the same suit twice…but I guess it’s worth supporting a girl with a dream and the tits to get some dude in the clothing business to invest in her because it’s not all that much money for a rich person to come up with 6 bathing suit styles in China, in exchange for having meetings with her…many meetings…all while trying on her own brand of suit…

It’s actually cheaper than a hooker…

That said…her campaign is on Polaroids…because she’s so fucking hip it hurts…and if you click on them they will get larger so you can fixate on her outstanding body.

I think I should start trying to be her friend. I think this is day one of seduction. I think the love starts now and we need to Em-Rat-Cow her to the next level….because if Em-Rat-Cow taught us anything in her 11 months of fame…it’s that tits…are all that matters

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Sahara Ray Behind the Scenes Nipple of the Day

Her name is Sahara Ray, she may or may not be my friend’s girlfriend. I may or may not have emailed her at least 20 times asking her to be my girlfriend or at least to pose nude in my basement shower stall one a specific day my wife is at her doctor’s appointment for her diabetes…an appointment that she needs to continue getting the disability checks I steal to get drunk…not that it matters..

What matters is that she’s ignored me, despite me trying to masturbate at least once to her in HER NUDE SHOOT FOR LUI …which in some cultures is the equivalent of buying a bitch flowers…

I don’t know what these behind the scenes with nipple pics are for, but I think they may or may not be par of my friend Viv’s first print issue of her LIVEFAST MAGAZINE that she raised 77,000 dollars on Kickstarter to do…because that’s how I found the pics posted on sticksandstoneagency and may or may not be by Jannekestorm

Either way, Nipples.

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Sahara Ray for LUI Magazine of the Day

Sahara Ray is some girl I’ve been following on Instagram, who I just assumed was an instagram model, but who is apparently also a nude model, at least when it comes to fashion erotica, which is my favorite kind of erotica…like this shoot she did fro Purienne, one of the better erotic photographers…for a magazine called LUI that tricks all the babes into getting naked because it’s some high concept art…even if it’s just a good scam…to trick girls into getting naked…I am all for it…cuz this Sahara Ray girl is a babe and shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothes…meaning LUI is doing god’s work for all of us creeps…and I approve.

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