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I am – Message to Tara Reid of the Day

I got Tara Reid’s phone number emailed to me so I left her a message. This is that message…The sound quality is shit as always, I don’t have a really amazing studio set up, i record through an old set of headphones. That’s not the point, the point is that I may have taken down the pictures to avoid a lawsuit, not I have them in video on some site I don’t own and the paparazzi will just have to run after them. That was me making a stand and it wasn’t a very good one. That’s kinda the story of my life.

If you’re wondering why I am back on these stupid messages, its’ cuz some piece of shit hipster told me she doesn’t read the site, but she does watch my videos. So I’ll just say I did it for her, even though I didn’t. It may land me some nudes which is really all I am doing this site for. Cuddles.

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