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I am – Daydream Video IV: Changin’ Clothes of the Day

Daydream 4 – Clothes Shoppin’Click here for more amazing videos

There comes a time in every useless bloggers life that you realize that they are actually a blogger and shame is the only feeling you feel. It’s probably one of the most embarrassing things to tell people you meet because all they think is how fucking lame someone who thinks their self-righteous opion must be even when your blog reaches 100,000 people a day, they still think to themselves how much of a fucking loser you are because you have a blog.

I am running off about 3 hours of sleep, I haven’t been able to figure out why my server is dying or why my site is dying. Unlike real bloggers, I don’t have any concept of technology related things. It too me 4 years to figure out how to make a hyperlink. That’s not the point the point is that we all have dreams and mine wasn’t to be a blogger and I can assume this dude’s dream wasn’t to end up like this.

That’s what’ makes it today’s GO daydream installment which is safe to say may be the next biggest thing on the internet.

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