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I am – Christina Aguilera’s Orgasm Face of the Day


The site seems to be working, I think it was better for the world when it was down. Being down really doesn’t have that much of an impact on me because I really only have about 15 readers and I don’t really give a fuck about you anyway, otherwise I’d be running a mainstream site and trying to make money that way. I was told by some dude they make 1000 dollars a fucking day….that dude wasn’t me, I am too stupid or that, I putting days of writing into this site doesn’t pay the fucking bills and I am pretty sure it won’t be opening any doors for me but that’s ok, I can open my own doors, but my wife can’t because she is too fat to fit through the door.

I was at a coffee shop getting a blueberry tea because it has natural anti-depressants in it and overheard a rich 15 year old talking to her dad about how her friend’s dad has 2 Range Rovers and that he only has one. She was mocking him like he was a failure and the dad got up in a fit of shame and said he was going to call Mike and get a second Range Rover too.

It reminded me of when I worked at Bar Mitzvah’s operating the Mechanical Bull before getting fired. I’d end up at these 400,000 dollar events that you know were only that much because Daddy wanted to upstage the neighbor. It’s this competitive streak I will never understand, but that’s probably because I can’t even afford a bus ticket.

Speaking of Rich and Jewish people who like to upstage the neighbors here are some pics of Christina Aguilera looking like she’s having an Orgasm from last night. I doubt her husband makes her cum, even though he is rumored to have a huge cock, because he’s probably too busy counting his money and bragging to his neighbor’s about how much better she is than their haggard high school sweethearts that they ended up with.

Here are some Unknown Photoshoot Pics Floating Around…

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  • Superb posts, I am a avid fan of your site, keep up the well written work, and I will be a repeat visitor for a very long time.