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I am – Ashley Olsen’s Bra of the Day


People give these girls way too much credit. They made such a big deal about their 18th birthday that’s followed them around for the last 3 years since they turned 18. I feel like if you can buy cigarette and lottery tickets, you’re too old to suck my dick. In fact, from all the emails I get, the older girls get, the less inclined they are to suck your dick. I remember hearing stories when I was 15 about how much dick the 15 year old girls would suck at summer camp and other random places, I guess it’s because they weren’t giving up their box and knew the only way to finish off the dude was with their mouth. I was too busy slamming the Albino down the street to really capitalize on that shit, you know with being the immigrant in the school and shit but as they get older, they slowly phase the blowjob out and leave it up to you to bang em. It’s like you never get a chance to fully enjoy head and they never finish you off from the way you want them too. Before you know it their pants are off and they are riding you. In case you haven’t noticed, I am not really talking about you because you are a virgin and don’t have sex. I am not really talking about me either because I can’t get it up, but I am talking about the Olsen’s being past their prime and here is one of them in a bra, or lack there of because her tits are smaller than my dick.

I had to delete the pics because Paparazzi are fucking assholes with deep pockets…

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  • Sprmcandy

    Thats cute, I bet when it grows up it will want to become a Real bra.