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I am – Kimmy Stewart Is Still Ugly of the Day


There was once a time when I couldn’t turn on my computer without seeing some Kimmy Stewart bullshit. It was never really that fun for me but she’s been laying low for the last few months, which is a pretty good thing because she looks like her dad accidentally ran over her face with his Rolls Royce while he was drunk from writing that Maggy May song and she was drunk from sucking Jack Osborne’s Dick.

Point of this post is to say, where the fuck has this bitch gone. When people lay low it means a few things, either they are in a relationship, they have AIDS or they have taken up heroin. I know Kelly dropped some AIDS and her family member shit and I guess Kimmy could be the source….

If Kimmy happens to die, I think her legacy should be that she was the only rich person in history who couldn’t make themselves decent enough for me to fuck….I don’t know if that made sense, I am still fucked up on allergy pills and I have no standards, but even with no standards I wouldn’t bang’er but I would bang a car’s exhaust pipe at a busy intersection. Hope that brought my point home.

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