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I am – Rachel Hunter Puts Her Shoes On of the Day


My posts aren’t very racy today. I was tired and feeling uninspired. I started taking this anti-stress organic bullshit my hippie neighbor gave me when I went to score some pot and he told me that he’s done with smoking pot and is onto some new age organic shit and meditation to get his natural highs. Anyway, shit’s made me mellow. I saw things I hated today and didn’t even react and when I got back home, I had no memory of the things that I saw and hated because this organic shit made me not care. I didn’t even go out for Spring Break to harass American 18 year old college whores…but there is always tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it looks like Rachel Hunter has already reached her Tomorrow. She’s a model who turned haggard and useless and is launching her own Bikini line which isn’t a total fucking cliche considering she was a bikini model I used to jerk off to because I had access to the 1988 Swimsuit VHS in a time when porn wasn’t all that available and bitch totally showed some nipple.

Either way, here she is putting on a shoe for you food fetishists out there. Now fuck yourself.

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