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I am – Maria Sharapova's Stretchin' Ass of the Day


I went to a random strip club with a friend of mine the other day that had the weirdest fucking thing on the menus. For 2 dollars you could get a plate of cheese and crackers, but I am not talking luxurious cheeses, I’m talking kraft singles on saltines. I can’t say no to the most ghetto meal in the fucking world because beggars like me take what we can get and I ended up spending my 20 dollar budget on 10 rounds of this shit…The highlight of the club wasn’t really the cheese though, it was the fact that the place was full service and bitches suck your dick in the booth for 40 dollars. I couldn’t test it out because I only found out about it after I spent my budget on their food menu, but at least I showed those whore that I was a baller with my 10 empty plates with 20 cheese slice plastic wrapping scattered around the table…

Speaking of cheese, here are some pics of Maria Sharapova stretching because girls in sports are usually disgusting and she’s the exception to the rule….

Bonus: While on Tennis here is a pic of Venus Williams proving that she’s like that movie “Ladybug” and really has a cock.

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  • Maria Sharapova’s legs are truly awesome and she also got a pretty face,:-