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I am – Nancy O' Dell is Knocked Up of the Day


I write constant posts about pregnant chicks being whores because they let dudes cum up in them and advertise it to the world, when most girls who let guys cum inside them try to keep that shit under wraps. I know girls who are in their 30s and still pretend they’ve never had a cock in their mouth even though they’ve been doing it since they were 15, but for some reason when they get that ring on their finger they have no fucking issues telling the world that they do dirty fucking things behind closed doors, and it’s ok because they have given their cunts to their man before god or someshit.

I don’t know where I am going with this, but I do know that as Nancy O’Dell rubs her little prize in her belly, she’s basically telling all of us how dirty she is without the guilt you feel when you get caught jerking off in your mom’s room to her dirty laundry….

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