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I am – Christina Aguilera’s Tour Bus of the Day

Christina Aguilera was in town tonight and I got something more interesting than pics of Christina Aguilera upskirts according to me and that’s a video of Christina Aguilera’s tour buses after her show. She did some cameo at some club that tried to charge me 20 dollars to get in and I don’t have any fucking money and left. But fate brought me together with her tour bus on the highway because a higher power new that we were connected at the fuel pump and lucky for me bitch’s tour buses were rolling next to us for a few minutes. This is the closest I will ever get to this cunt, but reality is that when I was a kid I always wanted a Tonka truck and not a blow up dolls, so it all worked out in the end….Look at me I am TMZ motherfuckers.

If you’re lucky there will be more pictures to come from inside the event…

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