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I am – Haylie Duffgusting Leaves the Gym of the Day


There was a time in my life when I needed work badly and landed a job giving tours on horse drawn carriages around the tourist part of town. The job fucking sucked and I got fired when I threw a pile of horse shit on this obnoxious fat couple who wouldn’t stop making stupid jokes about the hat I was forced to wear. I just lost it and that was the end of that career move, but I will always remember how cool the horses were, even if they were hungry and mistreated by the company, they were always so nice to look at.

The duffgusting sisters, are not real horses, they just have horse shaped heads, and that makes them not so nice to look at, especially when they are rockin’ a pair of shorts over spandex pants like they are trying to hide their dumpy ass from the world. If you are going to wear spandex, you don’t have to rock shorts to cover your fucking ass, even if your ass is disgusting. Just wear shorts to begin with because it won’t make you look like an insecure cunt too scared to show the world that you “aint all that”. It’s like when girls used to cover their asses by tying sweatshirts around their waists, or when fat chicks swim in shirts…You are ugly, deal with it, hiding it won’t make your bad ass go away….

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