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I am – Aisleyne Horgan Wallace’s Classy Outfit of the Day


This girl may be known for being on Big Brother, but I know her as the slut who flashes her junk every chance she gets except for today, because this whore outfit is actually covering her up more than her normal upskirts and nip slip outfits she usually wears. I guess that sucks for you, but if I’d were you I’d shift my focus to actual aspects of your life that need work and not dwell on some half famous slut not exposing herself as a reason to ruin your day….

I went on a walk to the bank today because I am trying to find a way to pay for the server and figured I’d ask them for a credit card. I got stuck behind two rich mother’s talking about their kids. They were definitely not friends, but knew each other because their kids went to the same school. They were talking about a recent family tree project they had to do over the holidays and one mother was trying to put the other mother by politely saying that her kids were nothing because they didn’t add birth dates to the family tree.

I just realized how boring my story was, I was going to write about how girls who dress like sluts are usually bad in bed but when watching them politely go for each other’s throats, by attacking each other’s kids politely with a smile, thinking to themselves that the other one is a total cunt with an ugly baby, I started laughing and I never laugh. You have to be a pretty bored rich house wife to waste your fucking time fighting about family trees and school projects. I know that that meeting will lead to a discussion at dinner in both houses dissing each other to their families because that’s all he excitement they had seen for the day.

Braggin about how great your kids are is fine, I guess, but I’d rather see the whole process of them getting knocked up, but that’s just because I am a pervert and like watching people have sex, something that we will all see Aisleyne Horgan Wallace do in the next few years.

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