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I am – Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Flashing While Out of the Day


I spoke too soon. Once a slut always a slut. This bitch can’t get through a day without showing off her tits or box. I don’t really have much more to say about this, because I already wrote a post on these pictures here and I can only get inspired once and these tits aren’t doing it for me right now but I would be an asshole not to post them.

On a side note, not showering for 6 days in preparation of hitting the streets to panhandle has lead to a rash on my back, so if you’re reading this and taking my entrepreneurial lead in tax free money making, you may want to re-consider the approach.

Based on this slag’s herpes ridden chin, I can only assume slamming her raw dog would lead to a similar rash on your dick, but that’s an obvious joke that I shouldn’t have bothered writting. Lucky for you I don’t edit myself so you just got a taste of me sucking. It happens.

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