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I am – Alessandra Ambrosio Wants Peace of the Day


I was having a bit of a religious experience earlier today. I was sitting on a bench and some crazy christian lady started to chat me up. She asked me if I had accepted Jesus in my life. She told me that no matter how low I got, he would be there for me. She went off on how he died for our sins and that there’s some group that meets every friday night at the local church and how I should attend because there was pizza. I told her that Friday night was my night for drinking my sins away and she didn’t laugh. Then I asked her if she asked everybody to join her cult and she said that she only spoke to people she felt could use some help from above. I told her that I guess her church was hurting if she was recruiting homeless people and bribing them with food. I asked her if there were any barely legal people in her clergy or whatever the fuck you call it, and she said that they had more girls than guys. I always work on ratio so tomorrow I may be going to get some free food and easily influenced lonely virgin eighteen year old. Fuck, I’ll accept anyone in my life it introduces me to fresh tail.

To celebrate my new found journey to sainthood, here are some pictures of some Catholic Brazilian piece of ass who models lingerie and bikinis like a good christian who strayed. Cuddles.

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