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I am – Dita Von Tease Performing of the Day


I did a post on Dita Von Tease performing at some point last week that you can find HERE . I don’t really have much to say about this, other than the fact that her shit is dull, burlesque is dull, and her lame nipple tassels are dull. I just thought that it was funny that she did a performance a couple of days ago that was pretty much exactly the same as the one from 2 weeks ago and the pictures are pretty much the exact same as they were 2 weeks ago, which makes this post as dull as Dita Von Tease.

It makes me realize that if I could come up with one post that I could re-use with every set of pictures I post, I’d have a much easier life, especially since you don’t actually read this and come for the pictures.

Bonus: Dita Von Tease Nude Photoshoot

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