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I am – Ivanka Trump Lookin’ Fat of the Day


I am not much for knowing what’s up in fashion, but this shit is kinda lesbionic. Bitch may be following her daddy’s lead in trying to be the hollywood example of what corporate america should look like and in doing that looks like a dude. I know that most women in business like to hide everything feminine about them as to not distract the person they are dealing with from the deal they are cutting or someshit, but after playing a little business man for too long, it’s like a bitch grows a pair of testicles. I know Ivanka’s got potential to look good on all fours in a bikini or lingerie in Playboy, but she ruins in by hiding it in one of her dad’s expensive suits. If I cross my eyes and pretend I am playing the magic eye, I can kinda see some tit definition reminding me that this act will all come to a crashing end when she releases a sex tape or some shit. Until then, I am sticking to the Ivanka Trump really has a dick theory.

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