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I am – Ali Larter Isn’t Wearing a Bra of the Day


After tonight’s strip club incident of every chick being 200 lbs, I have decided that I only want to see chicks showing off their small tits tonight. It’s proof that there is too much of a good thing, because sure the bitches I saw had tits bigger than your head, but their cellulite ridden massive flat asses and waddling almost turned me off women, at least for the night…which I didn’t think was possible I came home wanting to crawl into a ball and cry because when the bitches were on stage, my brain kept telling me to stop looking but it was like I was lured into some kind of trance as their stomachs smacked them in the chin while they flashed their massive cunts.

I am married to a fat chick, so you’d think I could handle the shit, but I am went there to get away from the hell I am living and got stuck with that shit thrown in my face, over and over and over again…Maybe god was punishing me, but at least these pics landed in my inbox.

I am going to try to stop talking about this shit, but I am still in shock about the whole experience so have a little compassion man…

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