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I am – Gretchen Mol's Rack is Over the Hill of the Day

Gretchen Mol

Here’s another post from Julien, our Token Gay Blogger, for all you closet Homos out there!

I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m not looking for a boyfriend but I was seeing (aka fucking) this guy for the past few months. It was by no means exclusive, we were both free to do whatever we wanted to do with whomever we wanted, but if we were both at the same bar/club/
after party/bathhouse/back alley/washroom in the subway station and we had nothing better to fuck, we would go home together.

So anyway I see at this club the other night and I’m all fucked up on whatever pills I found in my jeans, so I go over to him and start making out with him. After about 10 seconds, he stops me and goes I can’t, I started dating someone and it’s serious. We are going to be monogamous. This is coming from one of the biggest sluts I know; I mean this guy has seen more assholes than the entire New York Board of Proctologists. He walks away from me and I felt pretty rejected so
I got more drunk and went home with the first half-decent guy that I saw.

The worst part is it’s not that he rejected me, but it’s that he wasn’t even that good in bed. He was older than me so he had some performing issues, not to mention the fact that he would freak out at the first sign of a little santorum. All in all he wasn’t a good fuck, just an easy one. If only I had gotten to him when he was younger, I bet he could’ve kept going all night. Speaking of things that are way past their prime, here are some pics of Gretchen Mol’s cleavage.



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