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I am – Heather Graham and Meth Addicts of the Day

Heather Graham
There’s something to be said about knowing and admitting who you are to those around you. Jesus will be the first to admit that he’s a fat, impotant piece of shit, for instance. Julien, our token gay blogger, will never argue the fact that he is a flaming queen that is scared of bugs and mice. Julien’s friend, however, needs to take a fucking cue….

So I have a friend that has a little problem with crystal meth and it’s getting out of hand. I know, I know, it’s such a cliché; gay guy is addicted to meth and fucks lots of but sometimes clichés exist for a reason. So my other friends want to tell his parents and have some fucking intervention type thing so he can go to rehab. Now, I don’t have too much sympathy for this little faggot, I mean I’ve done meth before and I’m stupid enough to become a fucking addict and even if I was an addict I would do what any self respecting WASP would do and keep it inside and personal. My Mom hass been addicted to painkillers for years and nobody really knows because she doesn’t fucking broadcast it. I also think that rehab is fucking bullshit, if it
doesn’t work for Lohan how is it going to work for my friend?

Anyway, the big problem is that his parents don’t know that he’s gay and if we have this intervention it would definitely come out and we need his parents because they are rich or something and they can pay for the rehab. Again, I don’t see what the problem is because we are talking about one of the biggest faggots I know, he’s gayer than Christmas. He dyes his hair, he wears way too much jewelry, he has a fucking lisp and, most importantly, he’s a fucking meth addict.

Only fags and soccer mom’s are meth addicts and this guy doesn’t drive no Windstar. So if he was worried about his parents finding out he’s gay, he’s really not doing a good job. This guy is doing a really shitty job acting straight. But he’s still a better actor than Heather Graham.



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