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I am – Hayden Panettiere Picking Her Wedgie and Licking Her Hand of the Day

Hayden Panettiere

Young girls like Hayden Panettiere become wank fantasies for guys like you because they are young, and therefore you will also assume, easy. Unlike women the your own age, who have standards when it comes to men , young girls like Hayden will overlook the fact that you live with your mom in your childhood bedroom and work at Burger King. They are also really impressed that you own any sort of car, no matter how big a piece of shit it is.

Then you see her picking her wedgie and licking her hand after and realize that even you have standards and your precious fantasies have yet again been crushed by the reality of life, loser.

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  • Pobosa

    Well I personally will lick her ass with all the shit in it, I will eat her shit.

  • chris

    if i were as hot as her, i’d lick my hand after touching my ass too.

    i’d offer too pick her wedgie with my tounge

  • lol

    lol this is fake…it real photo she doesnt have her right hand in her pants only left..and she isnt wearing a thing..its fake they are just trying to get people to come to there site…pathetic

  • Wow, you’re really stupid? She even admitted to do this,this isn’t fake