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I am – Mischa Barton Space Dress of the Day


I’m pretty exhausted and don’t feel like writing today to be honest. There’s not many bikini Pics floating around today, and it’s hard to be inspired by pictures of washed up actresses from the OC.

I’ve never been to California, but one of my rich friends parents are going in a few weeks and offered to take me along. I finally got my passport , in the hopes that I would meet a rich, rich man who take me away from my bullshit life, but it looks like I get to go with some other kids mom, dad and their family. Not quite what I had in mind, but you’re fucking poor and never et to go anywhere or see anything you will pretty much take a trip where you can get it.

Also, my hope of meeting a rich man will probably quadruple my chances, since more of the older men in Montreal are fat, ugly and on unemployment.

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I am – Mischa Barton Pumpin Gas of the Day

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