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I am – Mama’s Boy of the Day

So some mother’s are over-bearing and don’t let their kids out to play. Other mother’s are creepy and teach their kids how to give them full body massages and tie up their bikini tops when they are done with sun-tanning. In both cases the kid turns out faggot.

I once knew a kid who had this crazy mother and she would make him brush her hair every night. She was all creepy and into him doing 100 strokes on each section because it made her hair look healthier. She used him as her own personal hair stylist and would brag to her friends about it. Dude did this for years until he eventually cracked and ran away from home.

I guess the dream was for him to become some kind of hair stylist and a guy all the ladies ran to because he was sensitive and knew how to touch a woman, but it turned out that he was more fucked up about the whole thing than this girl I knew who used to give her uncle handjobs for money. He couldn’t stomach seeing a woman brush her hair and would freak the fuck out everytime one of his girlfriends pulled out her comb. He eventually couldn’t handle looking at hair and ended up shaving his girlfriends head in her sleep. The thought of his mom haunting him, fucked him up sexually and landed him in some kind of institution and jacked on brain meds to try to dilute those memories. I haven’t heard from him since then but it’s safe to say this kid won’t be doing much better in 15 years.

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  • jayme

    that shit is weird….
    and i feel wrong
    just wrong