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I am – Rachel Leigh Cook's Almost Cleavage of the Day


I went out with one of my guys friends last night who I hadn’t seen in awhile. We went out to the bar and decided to play this game we regularly take part in to see which one of us could find someone to leave with first. We both needed to get laid and a little incentive with some friendly competition is always fun.

Since he chose to leave with the fattest, sloppiest bitch in the place (cause he has no dignity) I ended up loosing the bet and gave him the $20. I like to fuck just as much as, or more then, the average person but even I have some sort of standard. And the point of the game is for there to a be a little bit of a challenge involved in it you know?

I guess in the end a bet is a bet and fair is fair. He got $20 and got laid, and I went home alone woke up with a hangover and spend the rest of my day writing for all 4 of you.

Here’s Rachel Leigh Cook and her almost cleavage, which is better then no cleavage at all and when you’re virgin like yourself, you need to get it when it’s given. So go grab your tissues and lotion, and pretend your body is a theme park for 3-5 minutes.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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