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I am – Dr Steve-O Premieres Tonight and You Don’t Care of the Day

From what I understand, Steve O has a new show called Dr Steve-O where he helps dudes get game, like he’s some fucking authority on having game. The girls he fucks are trash that fuck anyone famous who roles into town. Those are the kind of girls who think that getting with a dude they see on TV is some kind of status symbol or maybe it will lead to better things. They never look at themselves as groupies, they always think that they are the shit because the “famous” person could have had anyone they wanted, when in reality they probably could of because 90 percent of girls are groupies when it comes down to it. They are easily impressed by DJs, Actors, Comedians and that’s why famous people on any level have all the options in the world, but the thing these sluts don’t realize is that as fun as it is for the famous person to fuck them and as fun as it is for them to fuck the famous person, the famous person moves on to fuck different girls every night, while the slut just sits back at home and goes back to her everyday life with a story to tell her friends, who may act like they are jealous but deep down know that their friend is just a useless groupie slut.

Either way, this doesn’t seem to work for people with shitty blogs no one reads, based on personal experience, and the clip you see is of Steve-O making them make out with old ladies. This is a direct rip off of the Rad Girls , who by the way are fucking awesome and I’d totally be a groupie slut to get a chance to get in all three of them at the same time

I guess when you’re an asshole like Steve-O, coming up with original concepts is easier to get off the internet than actually doing something yourself, because you’re too busy getting wasted and eating your own vomit to get a couple of cheap laughs.

Bonus Leaked Clip – Trishelle Getting a Lap Dance Video

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