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I am – Danielle Lloyd is a Hairy Armpit Lesbian of the Day


Here are some pictures of some slut you’ve all jerked off to rockin’ some hairy fucking armpits. I don’t understand what these pics are from or if it’s some kind of joke, but I don’t find it funny because I fucking hate hairy armpits on chicks and I remember the first time I ever saw a hairy armpit on a chick, it was when I was a kid of maybe 9 years old. She was a 65 year old midget who rolled her own cigarettes and for some reason picked me up after school for a few months. She had blocks of wood on her car’s gas and brake pedals and a phonebook on her seat. I am not even making this shit up. It was during the beginning of summer when she decided to wear some kind of tank top shit and I looked over at her and she smiled at me and I saw the fuckin armpit hair and gagged. She probably hadn’t shaved in decades and the shit was thicker than my wife’s labia and wet from sweat and I just lost it and threw the fuck up.

Since then, I’ve met lesbians and hippies and feminists and environmentalists and people who don’t wear shoes and shit like that and whenever I see a bitch rockin’ armpit hair I think of my hairy midget and freak the fuck out and whenever the chick is hot or has some kind of potential of being hot and I see that shit it ruins her. It’s like this time I was with this really hot chick with these legs that never ended and as I worked my way up to her box and moved her underwear aside, I saw testicles and had to PEACE THE FUCK OUT. Ok that never happened, but it could have happened and if it did I am sure armpit hair would be the least of my worries….but you get the fuckin’ point that Danielle Lloyd may have been some kind of slut sex symbol from the UK because she was Miss England, but this armpit hair move is obviously some kind of obscure self-destructive behavior because it pretty much takes everything she worked for and throws it all down the toilet and all it took was a couple weeks to grow that shit out. I guess it’s not as bad for you as dying of a drug overdose.

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  • nice armpit hair but girl you gotta keep it clean !!!