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I am – The Kardashian Beach Party of the Day

Image Removed due to Papparazzi

The Kardashians are living the classy high-rollin’ life by partying on the beach somewhere Mexican lookin, like it was college spring break, complete with a Mexican tequila shooter man, a pantless white dude and some stupid beach game called “jump over the locals” that is only fun to a drunken slut and the dude lookin’ up her shirt.

I had a pretty disgusting experience in a girl’s bathroom this weekend while wasted at some bar. I went to piss after drinking a bottle of booze and saw a huge line-up for the guys bathroom, thanks to cocaine, it ruins lives and my drunken pee time, but on the positive side of things it’s a great way to get pussy because where there’s cocaine there’s pussy.

So I ask some girl if she’ll let me pee with her in the girls bathroom, because there was less of a line. I walked into the bathroom and got a massive amount of dirty looks because I guess they thought I was some pervert invading their private space, but realized it was because the place was fucking disgusting and it kinda worked against their party dresses and made-up faces. I’m talking piss everywhere, clogged toilets, shit smeared stalls, I felt like I had just walked into some kind of homeless person war zone or where the only weapons available were bodily functions. The girl I’m with ends up getting completely naked because she’s rockin’ a leotard, so I got to see some tit and that made the experience a little better, but then when my turn came up, I made the mistake of flushing the toilet and as I walked out into a sea of hot club sluts, my own sea of Urine, Shit and Toilet water sprayed up on my motherfuckin’ leg, and I only own one pair of jeans, so I’ve been smelling this piss for the last 3 days.

When I walked out of the stall, followed by the stream of over-flowed toilet, the whores waiting in line and doin their make-up turned on me and started calling me disgusting and a pervert and shit, and knowing that if I was a pervert I’d be lickin’ these toilets, when the truth is that after seeing that shit, I’m thinkin about goin fag.

So look at Kim Kardashian’s ass and realize that her drunken fat ass clogs toilets…

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