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Rachel Hunter’s Got Some Mom Cleavage of the Day

Here are some Rachel Hunter cleavage pictures of her tits at some event. I never thought this bitch was all that hot and when I used to jerk off to the 1988 SI Swimsuit Edition VHS, I never rubbed one out to her. But just because I snobbed her out in my masturbation doesn’t mean that her big older lady tits don’t deserve some attention from me 20 years later. I guess it’s just our time now that we’ve come so far together….

Speaking of old lady tit attention, I was driving in a mini van the other day because I am a family man and girls seem more likely to get into your van when they think you’re a non-threatening dad and not a creepy dude with a kidnapper van, but that doesn’t matter, because it wasn’t my van, it was some mom I know who needed me to pick something up with her and she asked me to drive.

I rolled into the gas station and it was full service, when the dude came to give us $4.28 cents worth of gas, because that’s all the money I could commit to the cause, the dude greeted me as a woman. He said something like “How can I help you Miss”, when he realized I have a ratty beard and was obviously not a woman despite my man tits, he got all apologetic. I told him not to worry and that it happens all the time, but that’s just because of my big fat vagina.

He didn’t laugh.

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