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Carla Bruni in a White Bikini of the Day

Carla Bruni is all over the news because she is rumored to have married the president of France or some shit and I don’t blame the motherfucker for doing it because she’s fuckin’ hot at 40 and that proves that she’s got some designer genes that you’d want to have carry your blue blooded president of France baby.

Unfortunately what the president doesn’t know is that she has a pretty dirty past. She’s been linked to Donald Trump, Kevin Costner, Mick Jagger and some other French Politician and has been quoted saying she’s a polygamist and once left her boyfriend for his son….

Reality is that none of that really matters, she’s French and all French girls are whores. They are the only people, other than fags, who think having Anal on the first date is normal. So getting all those other dudes’ sloppy seconds is sometimes worth it when it comes in the form of an amazing blow job, because at 40, you’ve got to accept that your lover’s had a lot of cock, since the only virgin 40 year olds are retards in institutions and nuns.

The other reason why her being a slut doesn’t matter is because she’s lookin good rockin’ a white bikini and no matter what a girl does, white bikinis are always pretty fucking revealing. The girls wearing them always act unaware of the fact that we can all see their pussy lips and that is probably one of the hottest things out there for me…..

So here’s Carla Bruni the french model whore lookin’ good.

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