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Eva Longoria Does Bebe Ad Campaigns in Tight Clothes of the Day

This is Eva Longoria in some kind of blast from the past ad campaign for Bebe. I am pretty sure they are recent and not pictures that launched her career a decade ago but they remind me of posters I used to decorate my ratty ass apartment with in the early 90s when everyone went to the music store as a daily activity to check out CDs and they all had racks of cheesy as fuck posters that everyone would buy because the babe ones were always on sale for 99 cents and that was the kind of decor I could afford…..

I am talking about bitches in g-strings shot from behind with naval hats on with the caption saying “Rear admiral” or the one with the hot chick in the red bikini sprawled on an exotic car that had the caption saying “Drive” and then there was another one of chick in tight racing leather riding a racing motorcycle and it said something like “Riding Into the Sunset” or even the classic Justification for Higher Education that I used to inspire me while drinking everyday while sitting on the floor drinking when I should have been getting an education….

Either way, these cheesy as fuck ads are expected from a cheesy as fuck celebrity who is nothing more than a soap opera star who is lucky enough to go to the night time Emmy Awards instead of the less prestigious Daytime Emmy Awards…because of good management and a lack of Mexican actresses to choose from…

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