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Fergie Flashing Her Ass at a Black Eyed Peas Event of the Day

I don’t know why seeing the Black Eyed Peas performing together reminds me of some tired reunion tour I accidently stumbled in on at some dive bar after a night of drinking rubbing alcohol and juice just to see if it made me go blind…but it does. I feel like they all aged 20 years in the last year of doing their solo careers and that these almost 40 year old motherfuckers are up on stage trying to be down, for their audience of 40 year olds reliving the glory days.

I guess none of that matters, because Fergie has been stickin to the gym and is showing her ass on stage and that never gets old, even if she does. I am talking about expecting to see a 65 year old Fergie in about 5 years on stage pissing herself like she was in her heyday only I’m hoping she’ll be showing more pussy lips….because by then she’ll probably have gone through with the full surgery and it won’t just be the empty scrotum that it is today. That was a Fergie is a Man joke that probably didn’t work. Just in case you were wondering.

Bonus: Some Fergie Upskirt Pictures from The Superbowl showing us that she Probably Doesn’t Have a Penis…

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