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Elisha Cuthbert’s Got Some Cleavage of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert is from Montreal and has a sister. I met someone who knows her and I decided that it would be funny to do stalker videos of her doing everyday things without her knowing. A little Elisha Cuthbert’s sister drunk leaving a club or Elisha Cuthbert’s sister buying milk or Elisha Cuthbert’s sister on a date. The lead I had told me she’s some store manager so I thought shit was easy. I figured that because her sister is an unsuccessful actress in Hollywood, she has to work retail to pay the bills, but then I was told that she doesn’t actually work and is hard to stalk because she thinks she’s some kind of local celebrity because of her sister’s fame so the idea was put on the back burner until I get more info.

It turns out that Elisha Cuthbert still has some tits and here are some pictures of her showing them off. The last I heard she was a lesbian with Paris Hilton and her lesbian haircut pretty much proves that to be a fact. So do her lesbian boots that I suspect are steel toed and go amazing with her flannel she left at home.

Either way, since she fucks Paris, I guess that means she’s got herpes, what I call the gift that keeps on giving… Paris is a modern day Mother Theresa, or even Santa Claus. She just keeps on handing that shit out like everyday is Christmas or like shit grows on trees, which I guess technically it does, because last I heard Paris had a pet monkey living in her box, no wait that was just Nicole Richie and they were just experimenting.

Elisha Cuthbert, if I was a hockey playing lesbian, would you be my Valentine?

Here are some pictures of Paris’ Practice Pussy that is now Damaged Goods in the world of Lesbianism because she has a boyfriend who “knocked” her up, when I really think dude’s just a bitch on hormone therapy cuz no man would be such a cunt….Nicole Richie showing off her pregnancy tits.

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