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Danica McKellar’s Got Some Cleavage of the Day

TV in the late 80s and 90s made me question my sexuality, not because I actually thought I was into dudes but because the girls they used to play the love interests on the shows were always pretty fuckin’ busted. I am talking about Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years, Topanga from Boy Meets World, Claire Danes in My So Called Life and I am sure there were a lot more girls who were wrongfully casted on some Hayden Panettiere shit, but I was too busy getting drunk to care. They were successful into brainwashing the public into thinking these girls were worth jerking off to, while leaving people like me, who actually were into hot girls and not girls that were pretending to be hot confused because the guys on these shows along with every other easily manipulated horny teenage dude thought they were.

I always knew that if that bitch was at my school or lived in my suburb, the only dick she’d be getting would be from an uncle trying to live out some kind of sick fantasy, and I guess their careers since those shows just prove that I was right. I guess you can only trick us for so long TV.

Here is Danika McKellar at an event because I guess she still gets the occasional invite since their shows are still on TV even years after their 5 minutes dried up. I am just posting this as a reminder of how evil TV is.

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  • James

    Met this girl at my tourist trap job back in MA. She is JUST as hot in person (and with less make up) as she is in photos. Damn is she fine.

  • uncle joe mccarthy

    the joke is on the drunken one

    danika took off from acting to go to ucla….ended up being a math whiz and has a theorem named after her

    she’s hot and smart….everything his fat, dumbass wife isnt

    and she has returned to acting, and is still pretty good

    oh, and her older sis, is a high powered atty in nyc…..so wait for the cease and desist letter

  • Greggo

    Danicka is a very smart young lady as Uncle Joe McCarthy has pointed out! She definitely combines brains with good looks and she doesn’t feel the need to be tabloid fodder.I had dreams about Winnie and sometimes I still do. Greggo

  • (Required)

    I was going to make some sort of an attempt at a humorous comment, but I think I’ll get flamed for it! Best keep it in reserve, eh?

  • countonede

    She looks good in that dress. She also has a great smile. Is she single now? I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “WealthyRomance.com” last week. Just curious.

  • uncle joe mccarthy


    you wont get flamed, but in a world of tabloid bimbos, danika stands head and shoulders above most of them

    what’s hilarious is that she keeps getting cast as a brainless bim for most her roles….totally against type…probably because of her voice

    if i was her agent, i would send her for vocal lessons and have drop the voice about an octive

    she still sounds really cute, but not too many roles for a gal who is almost 30, looks 20 and sounds 14

  • uncle joe mccarthy


    like you have a shot

    explain the Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem, and maybe she will say hi to you

  • mr-plow

    i wood give my rite nut to see a home made porn with winnie and kevins brother WAYNE

  • yrv9k25aiv11j4t

    Ummm….where’s the cleavage?

  • hm….id LOVE to go to my local Car Dealership and go home with the new 2008 model Winnie Cooper….

  • go go gadget dick

    “danika took off from acting to go to ucla….ended up being a math whiz and has a theorem named after her”

    which just proves that a hot enough and determined chick can suck and fuck her way up the career ladder in science too.

  • TM Chill

    I think that she’s awesome. And you almost had it right; in most careers a hot chick can suck and fuck her way through, but in a science and mathematics field not so much. She was a gosh-darn rocket scientist, people would be pissed if she wasn’t smart and still had a job like that.

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