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Ivanka Trump and Her Expensive Cleavage of the Day

I met a poor chick who was so proud of her tits because she saved up all her money for so long to get them. She said that the first set cost her 8000 dollars and the upgrade was another 5000 dollars and that she had spent over 2 years saving for each. She insisted I fondle her tits to see how good they feel and because she wanted to break them in like a new pair of shoes. I feel like Ivanka Trump is a lot less generous with her purchases, mainly because she’s a rich kid and doesn’t understand that value of a dollar and the happiness that someone with no money has when they finally get something they want so badly.

Ivanka in her cleavage revealing dress, is like that rich kid you grew up with who always wanted you to go over but would never let you play with his Nintendo, you’d just sit there and watch the motherfucker and think to yourself how much of an asshole he was for showing the fuckin thing off but not letting you up in that like you wanted.

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  • Billdozer

    I’d give 20 to 1 odds that this cunt has a clit ring!

  • I really like Ivanka Trump. She’s smart, pretty, tall, elegant and a great rack too. I would like to date her some time ….wishful thinking I know.

  • Ivanka Trump Fantastic News, husband welcome new baby girl